Keely Schmidt
( Agency Owner )

It’s pretty apparent when you meet me, I have a severe case of ADD; I snap my fingers, twirl my hair, and dance in the middle of the day. 90% of my sentences end with an exclamation point because most things I have to say have that much energy behind it! If you ask my friends about me, they will say I am bossy but fiercely loyal; my husband would say I am stubborn but determined, and my kids would just tell you their mom is crazy!

I inherited my mom’s directness and my dad’s drive…both traits helping me get to where I am today. Growing up in a small town, where my teen years minced most country songs is a huge part of who I am. Its probably why I like camping at the lake over a tropical vacation or hiking in the Gorge over a spa day! I am energized by meeting new people, and it makes my soul happy to create long-lasting relationships!

I am motivated by giving advice, educating, and providing peace of mind! My doors are open, and the coffee is on, so come on it, and let’s chat!

Jorge Rascon
( Sales Manager )

Jorge is the man of the office. He’s our tech man, handyman, hypeman, kill-the-spider-man, and star salesman; I guess you could simply say Jorge is THE MAN!

He’s a jack of all trades, really. Not only does he rock the house with the things I just mentioned, but the guy actually rocks, playing the accordion (self-taught) in a successful band! Did I mention he speaks two languages?!

The list could go on and on! A master of consistency and self-discipline, Jorge is known for setting goals and CRUSHING them in both his personal and professional life. His calm, focused demeanor is precisely what most people crave in a time of uncertainty, making him perfect for this job (and also dealing with me every day). He is passionate about educating clients on coverages. He wants everyone to walk away feeling confident and prepared for the future.

Jorge strives to be the best at everything he does, and helping you with your insurance is no exception. Give him a call yourself and see why he’s THE MAN!

Noe Lumbreras
( Personal Financial Representative )

I have had the pleasure of working with Noe for over a decade (weird because I’m only 25) and am over the moon excited to have him as a part of our team. Everyone wants to be friends with Noe and for good reason!

His energy can fill a room, always entering with a massive smile, and quickly become the center of attention. He knows everyone’s name, and remembers the smallest details, even if it has been years since you have seen him. He is not great at sitting still or staying in one spot very long but if you are lucky enough to pin him down for a conversation, you will find his zest for life is contagious, and most likely have made yourself a new best friend!

In addition to these charming traits, Noe has an impressive 20 years of finance experience giving him the title of “financial Guru” in our office. If you are in the market for life insurance, retirement options, or maybe a new best friend Noe is you guy!

Sadie Streyle
( Operations )

Ms. Sadie has been on the team for a few years now, working remotely from Colorado, and is our office’s Mary Poppins ( The Gen Z version, of course)! She is the most put-together, no-nonsense, efficient twenty-some-year-old you will ever meet…one of those crazy people who alphabetize things for fun! She gets a twinkle in her eye when you mention organizing and thrives when given a task list.

Mainly working in the background, Sadie (the youngest of us) keeps the office running efficiently and ensures we stay organized and on track, often reminding us of due dates and tasks that must be completed. Over the last few years, I have gotten to know Sadie, and it has become evident how resilient she is. When faced with life’s endless challenges, she takes them head-on with thoughtfulness and grace.

Like Mary Poppins, she is “practically perfect in every way”. We hope you get the chance to meet sweet Sadie, but if you don’t, please know that with every reminder email sent, event planned, and policy updated, our very own Mary Poppins is tirelessly working her magic behind the scenes!

Katie Pierce
( Customer Service )

Katie works remotely from Georgia, and what a sweet little peach she is! Katie was the answer to our “can handle a lot of calls, is nurturing and empathetic, works hard, but also is fun to be around” prayers. If you have called into the office, you have spoken with her and felt the ray of sunshine on the other line! She is the life of our team chats and keeps us laughing with her off-the-wall jokes, sarcasm, and “life on the farm” stories (everyone who has a team chat at work knows you NEED a Katie to get you through the hard days).

When we have our video chat check-ins, It’s not unusual to see an array of animals hanging around her or hear one of her three kids calling out “MOMMM”! She is genuinely kind and has a personal goal of being the best part of your day. When I first met Katie, I fell hard and fast. It could have been the extensive insurance background she had, or maybe it was that southern accident and “feels like home” feeling she gave me…..whatever it was I was hooked!

Call Katie next time you have any insurance questions or are shopping around….but be warned, you will be hooked!

Rex Schmidt

This is Rex. Not entirely sure what he brings to the table. Originally, I thought he had the energy to manage the place, but now it’s clear he lacks the motivation the job requires. I get the vibe he has grown up a bit privileged… you know what I mean?

Typical millennial… expects the world, just doesn’t want to put in the effort. I guess that’s what happens when you hand out participation treats every time you sit or go to the bathroom. He even suggested we take nap breaks during the day. Something about increased productivity? Ridiculous. This summer, it’s time for him to get a taste of the real word and realize that life isn’t all about wagging tails and chasing birds. So please… stop by and help us put this kid to work!